Don Hate Me like. I can’t hide in the Rainbow

I can think I can feel. Just need someone who can feel.
hear me
love me
just need a new beginning
love that starts not already ending
girl that feels the way I feel
Can believe my so old soul
I am so strong
I need someone to let me be weak
let me dream of worlds like Gallifrey
a dream that never goes away
 a dream of a world
that doesn’t hate me
let me feel the things I need before it all goes away
I need you!
To tell me I’m a light in the darkness
I need you!
stand with me
In a world that hates us
Two lovers standing strong
a world that’s oh so wrong
Two Woman and Two hearts….
So hard to find
A peace
Can’t walk
Down the street with you
Can’t kiss you
Everytime I want to
we’re hated and alone…..
pleasease share my world
share my pride
help me stay alive
Til the world changes it’s mind
2 loves
2 hearts
Please let me be free
I just want to believe
let me feel
and not have everyone hate me
it’s not a disease
it’s not a belief
it’s only me
and the love that I see
don’t hate me
and push me
to the final act
Just so you don’t have to deal with me
All I want is for someone to love me
your ignorance breeds hate and vioence
I’m just alone with your silence
My love is so gone away
you wouldn’t let her stay
because I am gay
Now I am alone
cause some days I can’t bear the hate
I wake up
and know there’s a world of people
who hate me.
For something I can never change
I don wanna be a casualty like.
Just wanna find my lady in white
Kiss her as we walk down the aisle
And done see nothin but acceptin smiles
Let me be free.
Let me Live
Let me not be alone
let us not be alone
because of hate.
Let us live.

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