Lesbians on Doctor Who

This made my day. Not only can hundreds of mixed race kids across the world see themselves, so can I. I love science fiction and grew up on doctor who. I have had to just develop my own headcanon for years just to feel like I can be in one of these shows. Did you know Vicki Pallister is attracted to girls? I do. Did you know Charly Pollard is attracted to girls? I do. The truth is that only in my head are they. Soem may say desperate attempts to relate to a character when….I don’t have anyone.

And that’s the truth. I don’t have anyone. I can’t just turn on the tv and see someone like me. I can’t think of a single tv show where someone like me is an established main character except UK Bad Girls. Which I’ve watched repeatedly.

I love doctor who, And was excited to see Captain Jack and Vastra and Jenny. But as much as recurring characters are nice it’s not the same.

I was ecstatic when batwoman came out in 2011. As a gay jewish girl from LB I could imagine myself as a gay jewish girl from Gotham. Comics exploded with positive strong role models over the next several years. So I read comics to see “me”

I love doctor who. I am a handicapped lesbian and some days all I can do is lay in bed and listen to doctor who. Now suddenly the whole world is larger. Between all these characters I can finally look and see ME.

I’ve never been able to look at a modern companion and see myself. Donna helped cause her orientation didn’t come into play when she traveled. but that’s just me not thinking about it.

Now for the first time I can actually look at the tv screen and see someone I can really relate to. I can be in the same situations as her, react the same to people. I can see who I am represented in the person who travels in the tardis. I’ve been in bed for 3 days incredibly sick. This is the most I’ve smiled in a week.
There’s a woman travelling with the doctor. A woman who only likes other women.
I finally can look at the Tv and see someone like me.


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