I originally posted most of this on Gallifrey Base, but we ARE a doctor who podcast. Despite our long Hiatus I wanted to post this.

My earliest memories of Doctor Who… I do have a very clear memory of seeing 5 Doctors. Perhaps even when originally aired since even though I am in some ways between Belfast and Long Beach California I grew up in the states. Even then we got things a year late or so.l I remember seeing the five doctors and more importantly I remember seeing the 5th doctor. Peter Davison is very much my childhood Dr I’m a little fuzzy on a lot of his episodes other than he has had an indelible mark on my childhood. To this day regardless whether I’m listening or watching when PD shows up I smile and instantly feel a soft calm spread over me.

I know I saw many of his episodes growing up. and him and Hartnell are some of my strongest childhood memories. During one of the hiatuses, PBS started at the beginning. So i saw the cavemen, “The Daleks”, and even the Mary Celeste episode of The Chase was very clear in my mind. I remember seeing pat Troughton in 3, 5, and 2 doctors specials. I also have very clear memories of him and John Pertwee although their individual episodes are just some jumbled pictures. I also am fairly certain I saw a majority of every Doctors’ serials in the 80s. Unfortunately Tom Baker who other than City of Death and some very clear memories of K-9 I saw very little of outside of some Pledge drive Marathons.

I also remember one other thing. Caves of Androzani really got me emotionally. When he died… Colin Baker scared the crap out of me. I was maybe 6 or 7 and i freaked out. I remember screaming to mom “who the hell is that what happened” “well he regenerated.” “well can they go back or something he’s scary!”

I Was just a little girl, and due to that Colin Baker has ended up being one of the most influential doctors in my life. Not only when it comes to Doctor Who either. I was a little girl, I knew that being freaked out was more me being a little girl than anything amiss with Colin Baker. I now àlways give someone or something a second chance after a first impression. In fact some of my favorite Big Finish stories are of the sixth doctor. If I hadn’t been freaked out by Colin Baker I may have had the negative opinion many once held. Assured, I would have taken longer to give any situation a second chance like. He is the reason I gave 7 and 11 chances to wow me after initial first impressions; and now I quite enjoy their stories when they show up in my watching/listening schedule. Although I am in the middle of Wheel In Space I can’t wait to see 6 and 7 in my rewatch as an adult with a truly open mind.

As a side note, I remember randomly hearing about Dr Who in 2005… I called my parents freaking out asking them if it really came back; and quickly dove into the new series at that point as well as picking up stacks of old vhs tapes of all the doctors.

Also, Big Finish is huge in my life. I use a wheelchair and many times I have to lay down. There are times where that is the extent of what I can do. Except I can listen. I love audiobooks and I love radioplays although it’s almost all Doctor Who.

My first ever Big Finish audioplay was the first Doctor Who tale, Sirens of Time. It was difficult  to et into for me, so I listened to Storm Warning next. That’s where it started. It stars Paul Mcgann as the Eighth Doctor. It also introduces Charlie Pollard who will be with him for a very long time. The Eighth Doctor is a huge part of Big Finish, and his entire character is built in these radio plays. I listened to many many more 8th doctor tales and also made my way up the monthly line. It’s wonderful as I can listen to Big Finish and audiobooks pretty much anywhere. It’s also helped my health as I can still enjoy myself when I am forces to lay down for health. Considering some times my eyes hurt, tv/movies/games are not an option.  So often I have an eye mask on and listen to a book or a radioplay while I lay down.


Thanks for reading. I always love the chance to tell these stories.

— The Fantastic Alice Foxl