Being a Lesbian Podcaster

As a lot of you may know I have been hard at work on this podcast. Today I’m sharing a piece of my soul as written word.

I tried to do a Star Trek episode and broke into tears because of how anti gay Star Trek comes off as. Even in the 60s we had characters on Doctor Who we could love, look up to, and emulate. I can have a crush on almost any companion without having their straight Ness rammed in my face. Even my favorite companions Rory and Amy were close friends with a lesbian couple.  And if they were single both Rory and Amy I am confident would have no problem going on a first date with someone of the same sex, even if they later realized they were straight. Doctor Who has always been free of labels. Whether it was a positive by product of a more conservative era, or the more open and unashamed flirting of Jack.

I love Vicki. She leaves the TARDIS as she has fallen for another in the time of Troy and Odysseus. Many companions left the TARDIS that way, but even with a groanworthy recurring concept the characters are still refreshingly individual. Our first real companion was Barbara. Strong, fierce willed and defines herself by herself. It’s true that between the 60’s and 80’s labels were not common however shows like Star Trek found ways to clarify how ridiculously straight their characters were. Doctor Who never felt a need to over clarify the “straightness” of their characters. It’s what gives people like me a chance to find our heroes and have crushes on characters we love. I have a delightful crush on Vicki and Peri, I personally think Peri is straight and Vicki believes she could fall in love with whoever for my own reasons. ThatThe said I can see both characters being happy to accompany myself or another woman on at least a friendly date with no issues. In truth I think this could be said about any female companion and most male companions.

It’s one of the things I love about Matt Smith is because even though initially he is not one of my favorites he is wonderful. He is very childlike in his understanding of orientation and obviously accepts people of all genders and sexuality. He kisses Rory! I also liked that although we did not see a lot of Rory with the doctor he gave the doctor this tender kiss on the cheek to thank him for his wedding gift to him and Amy. It was just a really tender and beautiful moment that showed that Rory had grown to care about the doctor too. So many of the wonderful moments I love, and the characters I really enjoy seeing on screen would not be as amazing if the show had been different. I know Doctor Who has its’ issues as does any program that’s been on for a long time but as a lesbian whovian it gets a whole lot right! Maybe there’s not a huge amount of lgbt characters on the show….but the attitudes are there. Is there a single character you can say is 100 % straight? I’m not saying they aren’t I’m saying that if I can’t see myself as the companion I could see myself as the partner of a companion whether I am male, female, or somewhere in between and there is something beautiful about that. I don’t think a lot about why Doctor Who is my all time favorite show but feeling like I as a lesbian could be a companion and/or be a character in the shoe is likely a huge part of that. I don’t see myself in tears because of Doctor Who anytime soon.

The Fantastic Alice Fox

P.S. Evil Alice Fox says she completely agrees and approves this message


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