The Infamous, The Amazing, The OverHyped and possibly UnderWhelming: TrainWreck!

HELLO! The darkness wraps us all into a velvet blanket of woe. We find ourselves coming towards the precipice of our dark unrepentant journey into madness as we look to the future of Doctor Who. Fantastic Alice said I could write the intro to this. This is TrainWreck. Secrets will be revealed and the dark secrets of my past and my psyche’s inner turmoil are finally brought to light. Or maybe I just talk about gnomes a lot. We attempted to talk about our love for Capaldi and the results went….well The dark visage of fates cruel folly looms over us as we fall into an utter TrainWreck of Podcast insanity. Enjoy our TrainWreck and watch this space for more insights into the darkness that lurks deep within all our souls. Or hear two twisted sisters discuss Doctor Who. At least one of those things will happen in our next podcast.



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